Wendy “Ironwoman” Wood inspired by MB


Wendy “Ironwoman” Wood inspired by MB

Long time friend and supporter of James (“MB”) and the JMB Foundation Wendy Wood competed in the Port Macquarie Ironman Australia in May and took inspiration from MB to get through a gruelling 13 hours. It’s a really tough event and it’s no surprise that Wendy says she was relieved to reach the finish line. Wendy shared the adventure with her Carey friend and colleague Paul Jepson who became an Ironman after 12:20 hours – a wonderful achievement.

“Whenever I go for a run I wear one of the many JMB tops I have accumulated over the years, and the marathon in the Ironman was no exception. James has inspired so many of us to have the courage to challenge ourselves and work hard to achieve personal goals. I thank MB for the inspiration he has given me,” Wendy said.

“James has inspired so many of us to have
the courage to challenge ourselves.”

We say a big thank you to Wendy and Paul, who is Head of Sport at Carey and has, like Wendy, been enormously supportive of James and the work of the JMB Foundation over the years.  It’s an amazing effort and they too are inspiring to all of us, to take on such a challenge and do so well in an event that takes an incredible amount of strength, stamina and determination.

Wendy's face says it all - a really tough event to get through.

Wendy and Paul Jepson, Head of Sport at Carey Grammar, who became an Ironman this year.

Wendy always runs in a JMB Foundation shirt for inspiration.