Trip to Telstra Dome


We got to the ground at around Half Time, despite James being a little bit anxious about the noise of the crowd at first he soon settled in and seemed to be happy decked out in his Geelong kit. To make the night even better Geelong went on to win the game and as the Geelong Club Song rang out around the ground James started to laugh. He continued to do so down in the Club rooms after the match whenever a player came up and introduced themselves to him. We look forward to taking James out to the Footy again soon.

James’ visit to the Dome has played a part in the Geelong Advertiser’s new public campaign on alcohol related violence. Geelong players Tom Harley, David Wojcinski and James Kelly have joined with the paper to promote a simple message to young people – JUST THINK. The Just Think Campaign kicked off on June 3rd in the Advertiser with interview, full page ads and banner ads on about 10 pages.

Congratulations to the newspaper and to the young players involved – you have shown great leadership.