NAPSA reaches record to support JMB


When the National Australian Pharmacy Students Association (NAPSA) chose the JMB Foundation as their charity for the annual Charity Cup, they knew it would strike a chord. But they never expected to smash their previous fund-raising record by close to fifty per cent!

But that was what happened – raising the astonishing amount of $30,738 in just six weeks.

The Charity Cup pits the various branch member student organisations against one another to see who can raise the most money. Events in the 2014 campaign included a zombie walk, paintball, barbecue battle nights, a ball, a onesie movie night, a sponsored social media ban and a ‘Top 100 drugs’ lotto (they are pharmacy students, after all!).

Students were encouraged throughout the campaign to use social media to spread awareness of the issues surrounding acquired brain injury, particularly the devastating effects of alcohol-fuelled violence.  NAPSA estimates their media blitz reached more than 30,000 people during April and May.

Lauren Haworth, outgoing Pharmacy Awareness Committee Chair, said “Our members recognise the importance of the issues that the JMB Foundation works tirelessly to address. Their ability to come together to raise over $30,000 highlights how passionate they are about helping the JMB Foundation continue their great work.”

JMB Foundation Chair Helen Sykes was a guest at the NAPSA annual dinner in July and was able to give our warmest thanks to everyone involved.  “We are thrilled and humbled to receive this extraordinary support. The funds raised by the NAPSA students will make an enormous difference to what we are able to achieve in the next 12 months in terms of support for young people with acquired brain injury and their families,” she said.

And in more good news, the incoming NAPSA National Committee has voted to support the JMB Foundation again in 2015.


NAPSA presentation

Benjamin Johns (NAPSA Pharmacy Awareness Chair), Helen Sykes (JMB Foundation Chair) and Lauren Haworth (Outgoing NAPSA Pharmacy Awareness Chair)