JMB Cup is a great day – both on and off the field


Saturday 16th June brought scattered rain and a good win to Caulfield Grammar School in the annual football match between Carey and Caulfield Grammar for the JMB Cup. This year Step Back Think donated their signature orange laces for the fundraiser and all players from both teams wore them proudly. As did students from all year levels at Carey, thanks to the Head of Sport at Carey, Paul Jepson.

JMB Foundation board member Peter Woodbridge presented the Cup to Caulfield Grammar School’s Captain, Jack Ross in a room filled with cheering supporters and friends. The chair of Step Back Think, John O’Donoghue, also spoke, and both Captains of the competing teams, Jack Ross and Cooper Leon spoke well about how they “loved playing for James.”

The JMB Cup has been running since 2008 as a major fixture in the sports calendar. James Macready-Bryan was a dominant First XVIII player through his final years at school, so the JMB Cup holds special significance.

It was a great day of fundraising with the laces a huge success, and generous donations from many, including the soccer team, Kellaway Club, and Caulfield Grammar School. As always, James and his family enjoyed the day and were pleased to see so many supporters at the game.

Jack Ross and Cooper Leon from Caulfield Grammar School with the 2018 JMB Cup

Ray Smith, James and Robyn

James and family, and the Captains, 2018

Jack Ross, Cooper Leon, and Peter Woodbridge