James is going to Alphington


At the end of April, we were informed that James had been allocated a bed at the soon to be built Villa Maria facility in Alphington. James’ tenure at Gardenview is due to expire at the end of 2008. We had been faced with the prospect of finding a suitable nursing home for him; now we can concentrate on the development of his care programme.

The Villa Maria Centre will be a very high care 10 bed facility, catering especially for young ABI sufferers. A number of James’ co-residents at Gardenview House will be moving with him, probably around June next year.

It is a tremendous relief to have James’ transition sorted out. He will be able to stay at Gardenview until the facility is ready for him, even if this is a little after his expected departure date. We are currently working with Care Connect to establish a portable care plan for James so that his move will be as smooth and as stress free for him as possible.