How we have helped in 2018


Isabelle Cummins is 8 years old and received funding from the JMB Foundation to help with occupational therapy. Isabelle lives with her parents in Yarrawonga and was diagnosed in 2014 with a 10cm brain mass called a Suprasellar Arachnoid Cyst. This cyst caused an ABI by putting pressure on the brain and damaging regions of it. She was discharged with access to funds through the Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Service, however, this required a 200 km round trip which was very difficult as initially, Isabelle could only stay awake for an hour a day. This also meant she missed school for long periods. The JMBF grant helped provide funds for an occupational therapist who could visit Isabelle in her home or at her school. This has made a big difference to Isabelle’s confidence and boosted her ability to keep up with her peers, particularly because her therapist often goes to her school and helps Isabelle with specific tasks required for class participation.

Isabelle received funding from the Foundation in the last three funding rounds and has progressed from not even being able to hold a pencil, to write a page of text. Her mother, Katie, says the funding has been invaluable, through allowing Isabelle to get support in her own environment.

It’s thanks to our generous donors that JMBF has been able to help Isabelle and her family. The Foundation’s grant has enabled Isabelle to receive the treatment she needs at home where she’s comfortable, eliminating the need for traveling great distances.

This year the JMB Foundation has had support from the efforts of volunteers and runners who attracted sponsorship for the Melbourne Marathon, as well as from a special fundraiser by the Carey Grammar ladies, and generous donations from other organizations and individuals. This support has enabled the Foundation to make grants available to young Australians who really need our financial assistance to improve their care, comfort, and quality of life.

In 2018 $213,600 was given to 21 applicants from Vic, Qld, and NSW. Our grants mean these young people have the benefits of extra therapy they simply couldn’t manage to pay for without this assistance. We have also funded home modifications and the purchase of special equipment and made it possible for several people to have attendant care on a weekly basis, giving their families much-needed support.

Isabelle. 8 years old

Isabelle with her twin sister, Grace