Helping Salote get more out of life


Salote Talanoa was just three years old when she was sadly struck by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  36 years on, she is living in a Specialist Disability Accommodation funded apartment for people with high physical needs, where she has on-site support for personal care and domestic activities, as well as overnight support.

Because of Salote’s complex personal care needs, most of her funded hours are devoted to meeting these needs in the morning and evening and, sadly, she doesn’t yet have the confidence to leave her apartment by herself.

JMBF funding for community access has allowed Salote to engage once again with the outside world.  She writes:

The funding I have received from the JMB Foundation has helped me enjoy activities that I love on a daily basis.  I see my Therapy Assistants (TAs) every day.  My TAs help me do the things that I love.  I will paint and draw, cook and bake, meditate and read with my TAs. I’m also starting to get back into the community.

One of my favourite activities is to visit my local café for a hot chai latte and a slice.  I also love to go for walks and visit the library.  I’ve learnt a lot from my TAs, like how to bake the perfect scones or what TV shows I’ll like.  We often learn how to do things together – like setting up furniture or getting technology to work.  I always look forward to time with my Therapy Assistants where I can use my voice and explore new activities.

I love the freedom and independence to also work on other goals that I may want to look into such as making a herb garden and being more organised.

Thank you to the JMB Foundation for making this possible.  It has been a memorable experience.

It’s thanks to our generous donors that JMBF has been able to help enrich Salote’s life in this way, filling the gaps government funding doesn’t.

We are very grateful for our supporters who enable the Foundation to make grants available to young Australians, like Salote, who really need our assistance.  With your help, we can – and do – make a positive difference to their care, comfort and quality of life.