Helping Nigel live more independently


In 2004 Nigel was 32 years old and camping on the remote West coast of Tasmania. He pulled up at the town service station and collapsed dead. The attendant called the town nurse who attended and was remarkably able to resuscitate Nigel and keep him breathing until an air ambulance arrived. Nigel had experienced a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the main artery), which caused a heart attack and stroke. And subsequently spent many weeks in ICU and then rehab.

Up until a couple of years ago Nigel had our parents as full-time carers and is now building capacity and confidence to live more independently. NDIS has been a great support for physical therapies and recovery. In the photo, Nigel is now walking with assistance where he has been wheelchair-bound up until recently. However, there was a gap for speech therapy and JMB Foundation has over the last year provided funding for regular speech therapy with Jill Lesic Speech Pathology.  This therapy has been greatly beneficial for Nigel, particularly in aiding his independence. Nigel is developing his communication skills and his confidence to engage directly in the community. Nigel is now able to use the phone and ask others for help directly when needs arise.

Thanks, JMB Foundation,’ from Robert Davies, Nigel’s brother.

It is thanks to our generous donors that JMBF has been able to help Nigel with funding to assist his road to recovery and to be more independent.

We are very grateful for our supporters who enable the Foundation to make grants available to young Australians, like Nigel, who really need our assistance. With your help, we can – and do – make a positive difference to their care, comfort and quality of life.