Helping Damian achieve his goals


In late 2017, then 24-year-old Damian had a motorbike accident while travelling in India, which resulted in an acquired brain injury. Damian initially received life saving surgery in India before being transported to an Australian hospital for further surgery and rehabilitation over the next 8 months. He currently lives at home with his parents Terry and Maxine and has two brothers.

As a result of his ABI, Damian has acquired physical impairments mainly affecting the left side of his body, notably, his left arm and leg. Damian requires assistance with most tasks of daily living with support workers assisting, and his parents and siblings. Damian receives an NDIS package however it provides limited government-funded physiotherapy to meet Damian’s needs, particularly in this period where early intervention is most needed and yields the best results.

It was clear more help was needed. This is where JMB Foundation stepped in. The Foundation has been able to fund extra physiotherapy in the last 12 months, and it has helped Damian enormously. When Damian was discharged, he was unable to stand without support. He can now stand independently, and walk independently for short stretches.

Damian says, “I still have a long way to go with my rehab journey but looking back on how it began gives me a big boost knowing that I have come so far. My rehabilitation particularly my physiotherapy under the watchful eye of my physio, Carina, has got me to the point where I have started practising to jog on the treadmill (albeit harnessed) and am strong enough to be given exercises to practise independently at home. These physio sessions enable me to continue to build my strength with the goal of one day returning to the workforce and resuming a normal life.”

It is thanks to our generous donors that JMBF has been able to help Damian with funding to assist his road to recovery and to be more independent and able to return to work.

We are very grateful for our supporters who enable the Foundation to make grants available to young Australians, like Damian, who really need our assistance. With your help, we can – and do – make a positive difference to their care, comfort and quality of life.

Damian with his therapists, Lauren and Carina

Damian practicing his physio exercises at home