Helping Angelo’s speech


Angelo Polazzon lives in a group home with two other residents in East Kew. His wife Linda and their twins live close by in the family home. In 2014, 48-year old Angelo had a bicycle accident with a jogger that resulted in an acquired brain injury. He requires assistance with personal care, activities and communication. 24-hour care is provided by the accommodation; however, further funding was required for speech pathology, to enable Angelo to communicate more effectively.

Angelo’s main difficulties lie in his impairments of social communication and cognition. With the opportunities to further build his communication skills, he is less frustrated and in turn less isolated. JMB Foundation was able to fill this gap. The Foundation has been able to fund speech pathology in 2017 and again for the two periods of 2020.

Angelo’s wife Linda wrote a thankful email:

Dear JMB Foundation,

I would like to sincerely thank you for the financial support provided to my husband Angelo over the past few years by the Foundation. It has been an enormous help and given Angelo access to wonderful therapists with ideas to help him grow and progress.  His life will never be what it was prior to his accident.  That is the burden I live with. But I am always comforted by the energy and enthusiasm of his team who always strive to do their best for him.  Without the funding provided by JMB, he wouldn’t have had access to people like Jan Mackey and Sue Sloan.

For this I am truly grateful.

I wish your organization only the best for the future.  It is invaluable work you are doing.

It’s thanks to our generous donors that JMBF has been able to help Angelo with funding that has enabled him to receive the extra therapy he needs.

We are very grateful for groups who host events such as Carey Grammar and Caulfield Grammar with the JMB Cup in May, the Art Auction, which together, with wonderfully generous donations from other organisations and individuals, enable the Foundation to make grants available to young Australians, like Angelo, who really need our assistance. With your help, we can – and do – make a positive difference to their care, comfort and quality of life.