Erin the “Aussie in Southampton” runs for JMB


A lot of our attention was focused on the Melbourne Marathon in October, but on the other side of the world there was another big run going on just a week later.

JMB Foundation supporter Erin Pratt put her energy into the Great South Run on Sunday October 23rd in Portsmouth, southern England, with 25,500 competitors. It’s a 10 mile (16 km) course and takes a lot of effort, so we congratulate Erin on making the distance, and we thank her for choosing to support the JMB Foundation while she was at it.

Erin Pratt was completely spent by the time she finished the 10 mile (16 km) Great South Run in Portsmouth, southern England, but she kept herself going partly by thinking about James and his family and what they've been through, and knowing she was running for those who can't. A great effort and a great result, for Erin and for JMB.

JMB supporters have all sorts of good reasons for choosing to contribute, and Erin is no exception. Here are some of Erin’s thoughts on running for JMB.

… I also think about a young man I knew a long time ago through a brief family connection. He made an impact on me and in 2006 I was deeply saddened to learn of an assault that left him permanently affected with an acquired brain injury (ABI). The act of senseless violence which led to James’ injury was the catalyst for major change in the state in the state of Victoria, Australia and Australia wide – the start of a campaign to empower young people to understand the devastating effects of alcohol fuelled violence Moreover, the birth of the James Macready-Bryan Foundation designed to provide services to people with ABI and a be a voice to young sufferers and their families

This October I am participating in the 10 miles (16 km) Great South Run in Portsmouth, Southern England to raise money for the JMB Foundation. I have previously raised money for this meaningful and important cause, running in the Melbourne Marathon (10km). Even when I am running – sweating, cramping and telling myself ‘I can’t do this’ I have thought of James and his family and friends, what they have been through and how they have turned something devastating into something to improve the lives of others. I feel as though ultimately I am running for those who can’t.

Thanks to Erin’s family, friends, colleagues and other supporters, Erin’s fundraising campaign brought in $800 for JMB. In a couple of weeks the JMB Foundation will be considering applications for funding from young men and women living with ABI and Erin’s fundraising will give a boost to the amount of money we have available for grants. Often even small grants can make a surprisingly big difference, and an extra $800 will really help.

Thanks Erin for putting your heart into the Great South Run and thinking of James and the JMB Foundation. And congratulations on getting to the finish line!