Carey wins JMB Cup


The JMB Cup is an annual contest between Carey Grammar, James’ alma mater, and Caulfield Grammar School. It began 3 years ago to recognise James’ contribution to Carey and to raise awareness of the JMB Foundation and the plight of those with similar injuries. James was a keen sportsman and well known personality within the school community.

This year’s inaugural event was held on the cosseted Caulfield Grammar football oval in St Kilda East on the 4th of August. The winter sun shone brightly on spectators standing on the balcony of the Lindsay Thompson Centre overseeing the action. Carey led from the start and played to a convincing win – their first in the three years of competition.

James arrived at half time to cheer his old school on, watching from the shelter of the glass walled Cripps center, flanked by members of his family and Step Back Think.

The game was followed by a presentation of the JMB cup and heartfelt speeches from the team captains, Rev Andrew Syme (Principal CGS) and Sophie Rowe (CEO of Step Back. Think).

Thank you to the Caulfield parents who provided substantial afternoon tea and to the CGS Kellaway club for their generous donation to the JMB Foundation. We are also grateful to the individuals who approached us on the day to make donations yet prefer to remain anonymous.