2016 a big year for James


2016 was an important year in many ways for James and his family, bringing several high points and reasons to celebrate. October was a particularly busy month, with the JMB Foundation 10th anniversary luncheon, the Melbourne Marathon, and James’s 30th birthday, all within a couple of weeks. As the guest of honour at each of these, James loved being so active, seeing his friends and being involved in these exciting events.

It was something of a reward for James after working so hard all year to achieve some quite significant gains. His therapists and support workers have resolved some issues that were presenting difficulties with hydrotherapy, so James is more comfortable in the water and seeing improved benefits. He is now participating in meditation sessions which have helped him to make progress in managing his distress levels, with the assistance of a heart rate monitor, and he continues to enjoy the relaxation brought by regular MOTOmed use. He’s achieved a definite “yes” response this year, and seems to be more comfortable overall. It’s really great to see him looking calmer and happier as a result of help and support from family and staff, and his own determination.

James and his mates at the JMB 10th anniversary luncheon last October.

James uses his MOTOmed regularly and finds it very relaxing.

James with his dad Andrew Macready-Bryan at the 2016 Melbourne Marathon.

James with mum Robyn and brother Tom at the JMB 10th anniversary luncheon.